Afghans in London protest against Taliban

Submitted by martin on 28 August, 2021 - 3:07 Author: Martin Thomas
Afghan protest

About a thousand protesters, mostly people of Afghan origin or background, took to the streets in London on 28 August to protest against the Taliban.

Placards also called for a more open door for refugees, and support for the rights of the Hazara minority in Afghanistan. Many protesters waved the Afghan flag (dating, with many variants and interruptions, from 1930), which has also been waved on small anti-Taliban protests inside Afghanistan.

The protesters included a high proportion of young women, many of Afghan background but never, or only as small children, having lived in Afghanistan.

Besides Workers' Liberty, other left-wing groups present were the Worker-communist Party of Kurdistan, the Worker-communist party of Iran (H-OL), and Socialist Appeal.

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