Unison activists protest against stitch-up

Submitted by AWL on 5 October, 2021 - 11:06
Unison Labour Link

From the Time for Real Change in Unison campaign

We are angry and dismayed that Unison has voted for the Labour Party rule changes it did... particularly the increase to 20% of the threshold of MPs by which leadership candidates are nominated. The Unison vote was key to it passing.

This vote contradicted formal Unison Labour Link policy set in 2018 to reduce the nominating threshold to 10%. The Unison Conference delegation had no mandate or rulebook right to overturn National Labour Link Committee policy in this area and has chosen to set a dangerous precedent.

Unison also opposed the original proposal in the Collins Review that the threshold would be 20% on the grounds that this would not only deny members a voice but would reduce diversity of candidates, decreasing the likelihood of women and black members being on the ballot.

Unison has a proud record of standing for diversity and equality... History shows that such a threshold will have a significant negative impact on women and black candidates making it onto a leadership ballot.

Unison is in a state of flux since a new Left leadership took control of its NEC in June. Events yesterday reflect this and the final throes of the Right’s remaining power. That they were prepared to vote against equalities and Unison policy shows their desperation.

Unison Labour Party conference delegates are mostly elected in Unison’s regions. Get involved in Labour Link in your region and agree left candidates for Labour conference 2022. Don’t mourn: organise!

If you are Unison member please support the following candidates in the current Labour Link regional elections [till October 13]: East Midlands: Anjona Roy; Greater London: Ruth Cashman; Northern: Helen Smith; North West: Joanne Moorcroft; South East: Billie Reynolds; South West: Aileen McLoughlin; Yorkshire & Humberside: Paul Holmes. For more info contact: tfrc.unison@gmail.com

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