Workers' Liberty at Labour conference

Submitted by AWL on 5 October, 2021 - 11:03
Workers' Liberty banner

At Labour Party conference 2021:

• We sold almost £1,000 worth of our literature, including over 120 copies of our new booklet Corbynism: what went wrong?

• Having drafted and pushed for motions, we argued in compositing meetings and spoke in the debates.

• We helped Momentum Internationalists hold regular caucuses and produce five issues of a daily socialist conference bulletin.

• We helped raise solidarity with Afghan refugees and with the Hazara people in Afghanistan, including through a demonstration outside conference and a fringe meeting; helped Free Our Unions; joined trans rights, Uyghur rights, and TUI (refugee rights) protests round the conference. We helped with the Labour Campaign for Free Movement and Another Europe is Possible fringe on the labour movement and migrants’ rights.

• We leafleted for consistently democratic, internationalist politics on Israel-Palestine and on tackling antisemitism. That was the only alternative voice on the issue.

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