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Submitted by martin on 18 September, 2007 - 9:45
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Download a subscription form here. Or you can subscribe, or renew your subscription, online below. Or send a cheque for the right amount, payable to "AWL", to AWL, 20E Tower Workshops, Riley Road, London SE1 3DG, with a covering note giving your full address and postcode.

Please consider paying for your Solidarity subscription by direct debit, a subscription to Solidarity is £5 a month, or contribute more to help our ongoing work. Click on the image below for the amount you want to set up a direct debit for.

  • In the eurozone, make payments in euros to account IBAN: GB59 CPBK 0802 1110 0118 69, Bic: CPBKGB22. In Australia, make payments to AWL by internet bank transfer to account 515402 at Westpac, BSB 734-078. For all other currencies please use PayPal and contact to confirm the subscription rate. (Please email to notify us of the payment and what it is for).

  • One-off UK subscriptions: £44 for 44 issues (year), £22 for 22 issues (6 months), £7 special offer for six issues. Unwaged rates: £22 for 44 issues, £11 for 22 issues.
    Solidarity subs: choose your option from drop-down menu

    Europe: 55 euros for 44 issues (year), 30 euros for 22 (6 months).


    Australia: 44 issues (year), $120; 22 issues (6 months); $60

    You can pay in Australian dollars by internet bank transfer to account 515402 at Westpac, BSB 734-078. Please email with the details of your payment.

    Regular monthly payments
    Subscribe to Solidarity: £5

    Supporting subscription, £20 a month

    £50 a month

    £100 a month

    £150 a month

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