Staffing Levels

Stations Left Unstaffed

It seems that stations are being left unstaffed through deliberate choice by management. On several occasions, staff were willing to work overtime to ensure the station was staffed, only for management to turn them down.

The dangers of this are obvious: operational incidents uncovered, passengers...

Bakerloo line: off again, on again

It's been a comical - some might say farcical - day on the Bakerloo, with a flurry of public announcements from the company, each overturning the last.

The company announced that the Bakerloo would finish at 19:00, due to "a shortage of control centre staff who are having to self-isolate". The...

Don't Send Staff to Spread the Virus

Despite being back to normal rosters, stations are struggling with coverage due to sickness absence management not filling vacancies (and not employing enough staff).

CSMs and CSSs do their best to juggle coverage to keep stations open, but there are limits to what is acceptable in order to do...

Defend jobs at Hammersmith Control Centre: vote yes for action!

RMT is balloting members in the Hammersmith Control Centre for industrial action to resist job cuts.

Bosses want to impose a new roster, which will cut to SCL2 jobs, affect annual leave, and increase workload.

Despite union objections, management say they will impose the new roster...

Green Park Jobs to Go?

You would think that staffing levels on stations are as low as they can possibly go, but there are always some managers who seem to think that they can pick one or two more bones off the skeleton.

The local Area Manager wants to replace a full-time CSM post and a part-time CSS post with a single...

Progress in Bakerloo North staffing fight

A good news from Bakerloo North, the cover group encompassing all stations on the Bakerloo line north of Queen's Park, as union pressure over local staffing arrangements has yielded results.

Despite a network-wide agreement that all stations must implement local staffing arrangements to eliminate...

Headcount Review?

Word reaches Tubeworker HQ that a manager in Stations Structural Maintenance has been appointed to conduct a "headcount review" of the entire department.

Is this is a taste of things to come across the combine? No doubt Tory-appointed auditors KPMG will be recommending similar reviews elsewhere....

Say no to drivers' overtime!

London Underground has announced, more or less out of the blue, that it wants to create the facility for drivers to do overtime and rest day working. This has to be resisted. Tube drivers don't currently do overtime, and that is how it should remain.

We get a relatively decent wage, and if we...

A Load of GLAP

Reports reach Tubeworker that some CSS and CSMs are asking CSAs to sit in the GLAP ("Gate Line Assistance Point") on rotation, in stations where the size of the control room and staff numbers mean staff can perfectly safely work from the control room whilst maintaining safe distancing from their...

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