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Political economy of global capitalism

Gramsci study group in Brisbane

Marx's Grundrisse - Brisbane Workers' Liberty study course, 2006-7

Working class and trade unions: Marx and today - Brisbane Workers' Liberty study course, 2005-6

Notes and discussion points on Beverly Silver's "Forces of Labor" - Brisbane Workers' Liberty study course, 2005

The working class in globalised capitalism - Brisbane Workers' Liberty study course, 2003

Marx on capitalist crises - Brisbane Workers' Liberty study course, 2000

Perspectives for the Socialist Alliance.

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Workers' Liberty is a Marxist group. We are for socialism, created by the collective action of the working class. Capitalism is a bankrupt system, destroying the world, denying the means to earn a living, causing starvation and misery to many. At the same time capital employs the labour of those it can make the greatest profit from, whether they be children, whether they be denied the right to organise by their governments, whatever part of the world they  might live in. But capital in exploiting labour, creates the working class. When working class people learn together that the capitalism is our enemy, and when we act together against the enemy, we can learn our potential to create a better world.

As Marxists we learn from our contributions to working class struggle, by putting forward and discussing our analysis of current politics.

The socialism Workers Liberty advocates has nothing in common with the discredited Stalinist regimes. We welcome their collapse, which clears the way for a rediscovery of democratic revolutionary socialism. We adhere to the principles of Trotsky's struggle against capitalism, Stalinism and reformism, but reject a great deal which seems to us false in the common run of neo-Trotskyism since the 1940s.

Our history and What we stand for

Our constitution

Union rights: make Australian Labor fight!

Draft article for Workers' Liberty (Australia) no.38, by Bob Carnegie and Martin Thomas

This year, John Howard plans to bring in anti-union legislation more drastic than former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher ever attempted in one instalment, and arguably more drastic than the sum total of the whole long series of laws introduced by Thatcher's government through the 1980s.

War against our will

Throw Howard out!
Bring Australian troops home!
Solidarity with the peoples of Iraq!
Stop work to stop the war!

WL leaflet, March 2003

George Bush, John Howard and Tony Blair are going to war recklessly, dangerously, against our will, against the well-being of humanity, for their power, for a calculated and dangerous risk.

Who will trust Howard now that he claims to act in the "Australian interests" when he takes his cue from Washington DC? What he means by "Australian interests" is not in the interests of the majority.

Towards a new workers' party

Workers' Liberty reports on the DSP's decision to become "an internal tendency" of the Socialist Alliance, and sets out its perspectives.

Workers' Liberty has been arguing that the Socialist Alliance needs to become much more than an electoral alliance if it is to succeed at enlarging and mobilising support for working class socialist politics.

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