Workers' Liberty 11, January 1989

The fate of the Fourth International: 75 years on

This article was written to mark the 50th anniversary of the Fourth International in 1988. In September 1938, 30 Trotskyists met in Paris and declared that the 'World Party of Socialist Revolution” was now in existence, the fourth Marxist International, in the direct line of succession from Marx and Lenin. Workers' Liberty bases itself on the politics personified by Trotsky until 1940. Yet we find ourselves at odds on many issues with almost all the wide spectrum of groups which today call themselves Trotskyist. We have recently concluded that we can no longer give even the most qualified...

Workers' Liberty 11 Survey

Click here to download article as pdf. International round-up: PLO goes for two states; Yugoslavia's "market socialism" crumbles; aftermath of the economic crash; crisis in Nicaragua; gains for PT in Brazil; EEC's "single market"

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