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The man who made Spartacus: The life and work of Stanley Kubrick

Published on: Wed, 01/06/2016 - 21:18

Clive Bradley

Blatantly recognisable, but with a style which never overwhelms the content, his films are individual, personal - yet awesome in scale and power. So protective was he of his artistic vision that he lived for most of his career in self-imposed exile from the Hollywood system in Britain, even reconstructing Vietnam here because he didn't like flying. He was idiosyncratic, maverick, reportedly very difficult and perfectionist; but that is frequently the mark of an artistic genius.

Beginning with small, noirish thrillers, Kubrick made his first major feature, Paths of Glory, in 1957. It's a war

Workers' Liberty 55, April 1999

Published on: Sun, 17/07/2005 - 13:58

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